Nov 25, 2022
Timmy harrison was a very cool and epik guy he had lots of buddies and owned a small time soda cart where he selled all of his limited editon soda but then the mean combine guys kicked him out of his city to city 17 which was not his city which was city 8 where all his friends where and he was sad but then he found a cheese and he grabbed it and said loudly
"i shall get some cheese and make cheese store :)" and then he made cheese store so timmy harrison was happy and cool and made lots of friends but then DUN DUN DUN
the mean combines come back from city8 and make him close cheesee store and gang known as goldman family who beat him up and was mean and racist so he said i will joion reballion to fight the combines and goldmans so he did and he was very cool and verry storng and epik fighter who won everybattle against combine...... To be Contied
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